Collection: Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

Oak are packed tightly with approx. 450 kiln dried logs. The dimensions of this crate are: 85cm (D) x 110cm (W) x 120 (H). More cost efficient than buying wood in nets or loose cubic metre dumpy bags. When emptied out the volume is equivalent to 1.5 cubic metres of loose logs.

Crates are delivered using tail lift and pallet truck but cannot travel over soft ground (grass, gravel, soil), tall curbs or steep inclines. We will try and get them as close as you need them. The crate acts as a secure and stable log store.

Comforting aroma, perfect for wood burning stoves, fire pits, chimineas etc. Sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed woodlands. Burns hotter and cleaner as the moisture content is below 15%, typically 11-12%. Higher heat output than seasoned logs, lights well, gets hot quickly.

Improves efficiency and overall temperature so that you burn less. More environmentally friendly - less smoke, generates less ash to clean out and reduces resin in the firebox and flu. Cleaner - no insects, reduced debris to track into your home, can be stored inside or out.

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