Collection: Kiln Dried Kindling

We are Woodsure Ready to Burn certified. A company must have a maximum of 20% moisture content to meet WoodSure standards.
Well Seasoned Wood has an average moisture content of 9.4%, less than half the moisture content criteria required!

The easiest way to start your fire! Our kiln dried, softwood kindling is bone dry, the reduced moisture allows the flame take to the wood rapidly.

Our kindling is bark-free and packed tidy into cardboard boxes, making it food-grade quality. The low moisture content makes it easy to light by transferring the flames from kindling to the logs more effectively. Even better when combined with our natural firelighters.

  • 1 x box of 2.5kg kindling
    1 x box of 2.5kg kindling
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  • 3 x box of 2.5kg kindling
    3 x box of 2.5kg kindling
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  • 5 x box of 2.5kg kindling
    5 x box of 2.5kg kindling
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Well Seasoned Wood was established in 2009 to specifically meet the firewood needs of Bristol city dwellers
and businesses who share our passion for sustainable wood fuel.
We pride ourselves on selling the premium quality wood with the highest level of customer service.
Check out our Google reviews to see for yourself!

It has taken Well Seasoned Wood over 15 years to settle on which species of firewood is best for heating your home.
There are compelling reasons why we only sell kiln dried hardwoods - Beech, Oak and Hornbeam.
We have created a graph to explain these reasons – this can be found here.

You are welcome to pop by the yard and buy any of our products. We have a cheaper, separate pick up price list and it could save you a few pounds!
If a product is not in stock online then it will also not be in stock at the yard. It is totally free to collect and there is no minimum order.
Spend £50.00 to qualify for free local delivery in Bristol. You can check here to see if you are in our local delivery area.


Hopefully this FAQ will answer any questions you may have around our kindling. If not, please feel free to call us on
07751 929 293 or drop us an email deliveries@wellseasonedwood.com and we will be happy to help.

Why use kindling?

Kindling helps a fire get going because it's small and dry, easily
flammable. Once the kindling is burning, it can ignite the
larger pieces of wood in your fire.

How much kindling do I need to purchase?

You don't need to use a huge amount of kindling to get the fire started, but we would recommend at least
one box for 4-5 nets of wood. You can get kindling boxes in
bundle deals of 3 of 5 to save yourself a few pounds!
If you aren’t sure, then just give us a call at our
Bristol firewood offices and we can help! Tel. 07751 929 293

Help! I won’t be in when you deliver.

No worries at all. As long as you let us know when you have sent you your
delivery time slot then we can either re-arrange getting your firewood
delivered or you can let us know a safe place to leave your order.

I have booked a chimney sweep in Bristol with you.
Can you deliver firewood for sale and kindling at the same time?

We often deliver fire wood in Bristol at the same time we do chimney
sweeping. Just let us know at least a day in advance and we can get this
sorted for you. Please note we can only deliver firewood in nets or one
dumpy maximum per chimney sweep. We cannot fit a crate or more than
one dumpy bag in our electric van.

Does the kindling firewood smell or produce a lot of smoke?

Our kindling has a beautiful natural smell of softwood
with a very small amount of smoke being produced.

Can I combine kindling with all three species - Beech, Oak and Hornbeam??

Definitely! Our kindling is suitable for all three species of firewood.

Do I need firelighters?

We would recommend getting both kindling and firelighters.
Our kindling is extremely dry, which will allow the
flame to take to the wood rapidly. The firelighters are wood wool
shavings dipped in wax. They are totally natural, allowing for no horrible
smells and will burn for up to 15 minutes.

Can I pick up kindling in Bristol, rather than get a delivery?

Yes, we are one of Bristol's leading firewood suppliers - you can either order our
products online for delivery across the UK, or for those of you looking for a small
order of kindling, we offer a pick up option with cheaper prices!

How long will it take to receive my Bristol firewood and kindling delivery?

If you are within our Bristol firewood delivery radius and looking for logs for
sale, then it should take no more than 3 working days. In our peak season it
can take up to 5 working days. If you are outside of our firewood in Bristol
delivery zone, then we will send your order out via courier, and it will take
3 - 5 working days. Please call us to discuss if you require next day delivery
and we will do our best to accommodate. We do not deliver on weekends.