Collection: Kiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood

We are Woodsure Ready to Burn certified. A company must have a maximum of 20% moisture content to meet WoodSure standards.
Well Seasoned Wood has an average moisture content of 6.32%, far less than half the moisture content criteria required!

Hornbeam is known for being a long lasting firewood while sporting a hot flame. Due to its density, Hornbeam is an efficient and slow burner, while still producing a high temperature. They can be used for woodburners, fire pits, and pizza ovens. Hornbeam glows with a bright yellow flame when lit, slow burning with little to no smell. It will burn for longer than typical hardwoods, such as Ash, Birch and Alder logs.

Delivered in crates only. Depending on access, crates can be delivered nearer using tail lift and pallet truck but not over soft ground (grass, gravel, soil) tall curbs or steep inclines.