Chimney Sweeping & Woodburner Service

You all know we supply excellent kiln dried wood, and now our friendly team are offering another service – chimney sweeping.

Why should you get your chimney swept every year?

As well as burning the best wood on the best appliance, it is vital to maintain the health of your chimney flue by having it swept once a year or more often if used regularly. The more regularly you use your fire, such as after a long winter, the more often you should clean your chimney

Logs contain various natural tars, resins and creosotes, the gases of which produce a natural flame. However, if you don’t burn your wood at a high enough temperature (and most of us don’t) these can line the chimney where they either clog the sides or come straight out of the top as pollutants causing unnecessary air pollution. They can also be a fire hazard causing over 100 chimney fires a year in the Bristol and Bath area alone, as well as damaging your chimney flue.

To summarise, have your chimney swept once a year to:

  • minimize particulates released into the atmosphere
  • maintain the working condition and efficiency of your woodburner
  • avoid fire hazards, by removing soot and birds nests etc
  • allow a certified maintenance of your wood burner/flue to assist with any insurance claims as well as validating the warranty on your woodburner

How to maintain your chimney and woodburner

It is really important to burn your wood on the best stove available and in the correct way. Use high quality kindling and natural firelighters, and certified firewood with a moisture content of less than 20% (ours is about 8-12%). Light your fire and open all the vents and close the door.  Allow a 15 minute burn before adding further logs to establish your fire and then turn down the main room vent on the wood burner.

How to book your sweep

Our diary is now OPEN and we are taking bookings. Bookings should take no longer than an hour and prices start from £70 per flue/chimney. There is a discount available for those with more than two chimneys in the same building.

Email your full name, address, contact details and availability. We’ll confirm and get you booked in!


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