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Well Seasoned Wood

1 x XL 40l Nets of Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

1 x XL 40l Nets of Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

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  • Bigger 30 or XL 40 litre nets compared to our competitor's 22-25 litre nets
  • Guaranteed below 15% moisture content
  • Sourced from responsibly managed woodlands

Our Birch nets are an economical alternative for our customers. Not only are our Birch nets 40L, they come at a very low price. Birch catches easily, burns hot with a bright flame, and offers unbeatable value.

Sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed woodlands.

No. of Logs: approximately 14+ logs per net

Filled net dimensions: 20 x 60 x 25cm

Moisture content:  guaranteed below 20%


33.4% cheaper per KG than our competitors
(based on purchase of 1 net)

  Well Seasoned Wood Our Competitors
Net Size 40 litres 25-30 litres
No. of Logs 14 logs 8-10 logs
KG 13kg 7-8kg
Price per net (1 net) £8.50 £7.33
Price per litre (1 net) £0.21 £0.27
Price per net (50 nets) £7.50 £6.19
Price per litre (50 nets) £0.19 £0.23
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