The Way We Light a Fire

The Way We Light a Fire

Forget all you were told, this is reverse stacking Jenga style;

Step one: place 2 logs horizontally to each other with a gap between, and then two more on top at a right angle. On top of this place your kindling, 5-6 pieces at a time in two layers at a right angle to the ones below. You should now have a Jenga game style stack. Place firelighters on top of the stack, then light your firelighter. If you are lighting a fire in a pit, you don't need to do anything more, if it's a woodburner, close the door, but not completely and make sure the air vent is fully open. When burning fully, close down the air vent to low. Add more logs as necessary.

This stacking method can be used in Pizza ovens too; place the stack back from the oven opening, but not too far in as there will be less oxygen towards the back of the oven. When the stack is ablaze, use an implement to push the stack further in and add your logs. 

(fire method courtesy of Genevieve Taylor, Bristol Fire Chef)



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