Beech -v- Oak

Well Seasoned Wood works directly with sawmills in the UK and EU to source the best kiln dried wood on the market and can therefore can provide a superb standard of wood at competitive prices. All our kiln dried wood comes from sustainable and certified sources of well managed forests that are classified as Eco friendly and which have reforesting programmes. All our kiln dried wood is dried using the wood chippings that are a by-product of the sawmills.

Why Beech Wood?

We are the only supplier of Beech firewood in Bristol. Beech is by far a superior wood to burn than Ash or Birch as it produces more heat output than either. Beech wood is the most calorific wood fuel (amount of heat extracted) money can buy in the UK, meaning it has a great and long lasting burn with almost no smoke.  It is also very easy to light and is the best wood for wood burning stoves, open fires and multi fuel burners. The wood is denser than Oak and so the heat output is greater. As they are kiln dried they ignite very easily often without the need for kindling, just using our natural firelighters.

Why Oak Wood?

Oak is a hot and slow burning wood, perfect for wood burning stoves, pizza ovens, open fires and BBQs.  Oak needs more air circulation to get going than Beech, but once going it will burn for longer. Some customers start off their fires with Beech wood, as an easier wood to light, then move on to Oak wood for the burning duration.