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Well Seasoned Wood

The Patio Firepit

The Patio Firepit

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  • Bigger 30 or XL 40 litre nets compared to our competitor's 22-25 litre nets
  • Guaranteed below 15% moisture content
  • Sourced from responsibly managed woodlands

Products are made-to-order and will take up to 10 business days to ship. 

This handcrafted design is dual purpose; perfect as a fire pit or add the grill and it becomes a barbeque. This piece has been crafted by repurposing a propane gas tank cylinder into a purposeful piece of garden furniture.

Prior to transportation this fire pit has had a one coat black matt coating which is solely applied to protect it during transportation. Your firepit will be subjected to intense heat and the outdoor elements. Therefore, steel oxidisation will take place and your fire pit will gain a rustic appearance, meaning the surface will create a rich brown rust over the first few weeks of use. Helping it age and blend in beautifully to its outdoor surroundings.

Height: 41cm
Width: 32cm 
Widest point of A-frame: 36cm


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