Frequently asked questions

What sort of wood is it and where does the wood come from?

Mostly hardwood – beech, ash, sycamore or oak. Depending on availability, from time to time we have supplies of other wood including fruit wood and softwood such as larch.

All of our logs and wood fuel is carefully selected from responsibly managed woodlands, using only sustainable supplies.

What size are the logs?

Split to around 25cm (9.84″) length and 10-15cm (4-6″) wide, as recommended by stove manufacturers to fit most wood burners or multi-fuel stoves and open fires. For smaller wood burners or grates, smaller pieces are available, please call us for assistance. All product weights and measurements listed are approximate and may vary slightly.

How much shall I order?

We deliver in nets, dumpy bags or crates to allow for any storage, interior or exterior. We can deliver in one drop for the season or in multiple drops if you have less storage space.

How do I order?

Book a delivery by clicking ‘Shop Firewood’. Simply add firewood and wood fuel products to your shopping bag and proceed to the checkout whereby you will be asked to create an account (register email and password). The next time you wish to place an order, login quickly and re-order using your own account. You can also order by phone or email or pick up from us in St. Werburghs. If you’re planning to pick up, please call 07751 929293 in advance to arrange.

Are my details secure?

Yes. Orders are processed and your information is held securely by Well Seasoned Wood via our third party e-commerce provider WooCommerce. We do not store any bank or credit card details and do not share any information with other companies or individuals. We only use your personal information (name/address/tel number/email) to deliver the products you have ordered. We are legally obliged to erase personal data on request. Online orders can also be paid using PayPal.


How do I pay?

Credit/debit card, BACS transfer, PayPal, Bristol Pound or Cash or Cheque.

All major UK-based debit and credit cards payments can be made via our online shop or phone.

BACS transfer – please ask for our bank account details and quote the first line of your address as payment reference.

PayPal – can be used via our online shop, please ask for address.

Bristol Pound via App

Cash or Cheque payments can be made by calling 07751929293 or emailing Cheques are made payable to Well Seasoned Wood.



When will I get my log delivery

We usually deliver within 2-3 days. If ordering online you will receive an automated order confirmation via email, followed by a second email shortly afterwards notifying you of a day and 2 hour delivery slot; either in the morning or afternoon. If this isn’t convenient we will try to fit around your schedule. You can also add a comment to your order if you have a preference for time of delivery or a specific instruction. We will always try to fulfill these allocated time slots but sometimes they do not allow for unforeseen delays.

How will I receive my log delivery?

In either nets, cubic metre dumpy bags or half/full crates. The nets hold approx. 10 logs. We will carry nets into your house/garden and they are perfect for storing the wood in. The half crates are packed tightly with approx. 480 kiln dried logs. Dumpy bags of loose logs are delivered as close to where you need them but these are usually roadside delivery only, tipped roadside or on to your drive. Orders do not include the bag as we reuse these and our delivery schedule doesn’t allow for a stacking service. We do not deliver dumpy bags via courier, we only deliver them within Bristol central black perimeter, see map Depending on access, crates can be delivered nearer using tail lift and pallet truck but not over soft ground (grass, gravel, soil) tall curbs or steep inclines.

When can I burn the firewood?

Straight away! Both our seasoned and kiln dried logs and all wood fuel products are delivered ready to burn. Our split kiln dried wood is guaranteed under 15% moisture content, typically 11-12% and is perfect for wood burning stoves and pizza ovens, open fires, fire pits, chimineas, campfires, bbqs etc. Our seasoned wood is split and seasoned until there is no more than 20% moisture content. Above 25% would mean the logs do not burn efficiently and would produce less heat with more smoke. Split wood burns more effectively as there is a greater surface area to burn.


Is it environmentally friendly to burn wood?

Absolutely! You are only releasing the carbon that would have been released if the wood was decaying in a forest. So long as you are burning your wood in an efficient wood burner and using wood with a low moisture content, then firewood is a carbon neutral energy source. Open fires are far less efficient than a wood burner and will produce much more particulates e.g. less heat into room and more pollution up the chimney.

How long does the wood last?

It’s a tricky question and depends on many variables; what is the wood being used for? How often will you be lighting a fire; on a daily basis or just at weekends? If using a wood burner, the stove type, size, heat output and vents will all determine how long the wood will last.

The chimney draw, how dry the wood is, who is making the fire, how many pieces are used etc. also make a difference. In an efficient 5Kw wood burning stove, using kiln dried beech for an evening, we would recommend half a net maximum.